Have you ever heard the word maiolence, notreport, streetshouting?

While visiting the Bad Feminist exhibition at the Melkweg last month, one special project caught our attention: a physical, textile glossary of feelings and conditions so common in the patriarchal system, but that don’t exist in our vocabulary.  We were delighted to sit down and talk to the Amsterdam-based Italian designer behind the project, Federica […]

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Amsterdam tattooing

A famous quote goes as follows “My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story”. Well in this podcast We have decided to visit one the Netherlands oldest tattoos shops, located in Amsterdam, and interviewed one of their experienced artists known as Lucas Zwolinski to find out more about himself and how he […]

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“Go vegan or go home”

Take a look into the future: the ever-growing concept of veganism combined with junkfood. Vegan and junkfood. Ever wondered about the combination of those two? They are meant to be together according to the Vegan Junk Food bar! In this podcast, we talk food, fun and future. Enjoy! Meet Brian, the supervisor of the Vegan […]

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Creativity with Marta Veludo

What do you do when you are having a creative block, and how do you cope with the stress and pressure that may come with that? We were asking ourselves this and decided to have a chat with Marta Veludo, a versatile creative. With her motto fun and play we had no doubt that our […]

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The Maker Store and Uncover Lab: In Conversation with Siem, Lindsey, and Sanne

In this podcast we spoke with three Amsterdam creatives from the Maker Store and Uncover Lab teams. Both of these companies share the same space in De Hallen and have interwoven teams. The Maker Store provides a platform for local makers to sell authentic and high-quality accessories, artwork, food, and sustainable fashion. Uncover Lab allows […]

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Avocado Madness

Who hasn’t heard of the avocado and its popularity, recently? You’d be hard-pressed to find a restaurant menu that excludes the fruit or a millennial who hasn’t eaten it on sourdough or rye. The avocado is everywhere. Ron Simpson caught up on this trend, and created ‘The Avocado Show‘. A restaurant focussed completely on avocados. […]

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Glass art and scientific rules

  In this podcast series we wanted to explore how craftsmanship and community work in our digital society and world. This time we are interviewing Michelle, one of very few glass artists in the Netherlands. Starting her first solo exhibition on the 30th of March this year in Kek, Beverwijk she was very excited to […]

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