Global Trendwatching

Global Trendwatching

Our Minorstudents have been talking to key creatives in the creative city of Amsterdam.

What are the goals of these frontrunners?
And what about their visions?

The future inspiringly explained in compelling podcasts.
Listen and enjoy!

“If they could do it, who am I to say I can’t do it?”

“I think Coloured Goodies is needed everywhere.” This sentence describes the mission and vision of cultural entrepreneur Ellen Brudet. For […]

“I am fascinated by the idea of how humanity made progress.” | A conversation with visual artist Roger Cremers

In our search for an Amsterdam based creative we came across Roger Cremers. A visual artist who has exhibited several […]

“Dirty hands clear mind” at Studio Pansa

   In this podcast series we wanted to explore how craftmanship and community work in our digital society and world. […]

The Future of Live Music

In this podcast Ina and Sidonie discuss with Amsterdam creative Conrad Hornung the changes that have been happening in the […]

“We want fast, flashy, in your face and over the top.” – Dominique Gimberg

How to reach the unreachable? By Sven Adamson & Dalla Coulibaly Millennials are an enigma for marketers but not for […]


The 8th of March is International Women’s Day, or should we say the day when women’s rights are celebrated (and […]

Turning plastic into fashion | JUNGL

      Today sustainability is a big subject especially within the fashion industry. We found an innovative slow fashion […]

“Connecting nature, physical and mental health with music” – Sophie Jurrjens

Today we are going to meet Sophie Jurrjens, a creative entrepreneur interested in combining sound and scenery. 17% of the […]

Denim x Sustainability by Denim City

How can you make one of the most unsustainable fashion pieces in a sustainable way? Denim City tried to figure […]

‘We want to design for everyone.’ – Jeroen Disch

We interviewed Jeroen Disch, the Design Lead at Grrr, a Creative Digital Agency in Amsterdam. In this Podcast, he shares […]

I was called a Hippie with a business plan – Elif Algu, Founder of „Branding a better world“

Born with a caring heart, Elif decided to use the power of communication exclusively for good causes: making sustainable brands […]

The Future of Veganism

  Veganism, a lifestyle that more and more people are adapting nowadays. This can be seen in Amsterdam as well, […]

The sound of green, Interview with Teun schrijvers

Everybody is creative

‘If Michael Jackson did not have so much influence on my life, i would probably be a nerd?’  

Roberto the Saint of the Stars

Roberto Da Costa, co-founder and star trainer of the high end luxury gym “ Saints and Stars” about life as […]

“Home is where my heart is at ease” – Kevin Sailer, Outta Place

Berlin – London – Amsterdam. Not every city Kevin lived in felt completely like home to him. Outta Place is a […]

From politics to Cereal and Chill – we got it.

Born in Amsterdam, Salim has always had a connection to this amazing city. He was fascinated with the nineties and […]

Do we need Record Labels in the Future?

From LP to Spotify, what happend? With Jae Fly we are investigating the business side of HipHop. As an artist, […]

The Journey from Grandmaster Flash to Jae Fly – Hiphop

We took a look in the life of Amsterdam based hiphop artist Jae Fly to find out the beginning of […]

The coolest glasses in town

So, when you go out, you always think about what dress to wear, what shoes that goes with that dress, […]

Carlos, “the graffiti artist”

In this episode we meet Carlos, who is a graffiti artist from Peru, that is living here in Amsterdam. We […]

The Sound of Green – Interview Jan Jaap

Daniel, Printmaking and AgaLab

In this episode, we meet Daniel, who works in AgaLab, a printmaking studio in Amsterdam. He is going to explain […]

Breaking Into The Dance Scene Ep. 2 – Jessy Kemper

What happens when your passion becomes your job? Jessy Kemper, successful B-Boy, giving an insight into the world of breakdance […]

Running a restaurant in Amsterdam

With more than 1300 restaurants in Amsterdam you can easily say that the food industry in this vibrant and creative […]

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