In 2011, WE ARE Pi was founded by Alex Bennett Grant and three colleagues from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. They moved 50 meters down the road. They were looking to diversify, to build their own agency.

LEGO was the first brick, and since then WE ARE Pi has grown. The mantra is never to settle. Alex doesn’t like the title CEO. He goes for CPO. Chief Pirate Officer.

Since 2011, they have shifted TEDx from just a conference to a cultural icon, rebranded Desperados by turning the world’s deepest pool into a dancefloor and captured the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to promote cameras of Nikon. Just like pirates. Creative ones.

Last year, WE ARE Pi was awarded Small Agency of the Year 2019 by AdAge.

The nine years birthday of WE ARE Pi was celebrated different this year. From everyone’s home office as the beginning of 2020 has caused rough sea all around the world, but hopefully there are better things ahead. Maybe a Blue Ocean.

The destination, however, is unchanged. WE ARE Pi has an ambition to become best international indie agency. The journey continues.

One thing is sure – Pi never ends.

Thanks to Alex for taking the time.

Enjoy listening!

– Anders Damkjær


Find out more about the work of WE ARE Pi here.

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