Global Trendwatching is a 20-week semester course taught at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, from September to January (semester 1) or February to June (semester 2).

Are you passionate about trends and developments within an everchanging world? Are you excited to start your journey in the world of trends that will open your eyes to new concepts, developments and ways of thinking? Then you are ready to start exploring with us and join the minor Global Trendwatching.

The goal of the program is to let you follow your passion of trends, to be creative and analytic and most importantly to open your eyes to new and exciting developments. You will learn to be open to your surroundings, connecting the dots with the data you receive and be critical whilst discovering what is relevant information or not. You will start by learning some basic skills that you will be able to put into practice during this 20 week program. This skillset includes: trend theory, research, foresight techniques, innovative insights, concepting and bildung. Next to this, you will work for some amazing companies like Trendwatching.com and Philips.

In the end, you will become a junior trendwatcher with a wide range of skills and an open mindset, ready to conquer the world.



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