Global Trendwatching is a 20-week semester course taught at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, from September to January (semester 1) or February to June (semester 2).

In the minor Global Trendwatching, students will immerse themselves in visions of the future, or at least possible futures.; there is no such thing as ‘one’ future. You will learn to understand the changing world around you and develop a future oriented thinking. You will create manifestations for brands and companies that we work with that try to be future proof. Some of these international companies are Trendwatching.com (the number one trend consumer agency in the world from London), Philips and many others. This is an international program which means you will work with international students with different backgrounds.

Next to your study program, you will learn to develop your own future: for instance, in Bildung sessions you will learn to reflect upon yourself, your history, your present, your future(s).  This program is best described as a transformational experience. To summarize, we will teach you to be able to anticipate the future and get great insights in the diverse world of global trendwatching.

In order to participate in this program, you need to be:

Open to change, critical, analytical, willing to learn and apply new things, positive, willing to fail in order to learn and most of all enthusiastic about trends!


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