Have a nice meal(worm) – Could insects be the future of food?

Eat out of your comfort zone! – that’s what Patrick Hurd is telling his customers ever since he founded his company BUGZZ. Trough food trucks on festivals or caterings, BUGZZ is providing healthy, delicious and highly sustainable food using insects as an alternative meat source.

Eating insects has a lot of advantages, it’s rich of protein, minerals and good-for-you vitamins, moreover it could really help to save our planet as farming insects is more sustainable than any other animal farming. For instance, it produces one hundredth of the emissions of the equivalent output from beef cattle or pigs. However, in the western world insects are still a culinary curiosity, meanwhile in 80% of the world’s nations people eat insects. 

“We have been pushing insects out of our life since we have obtained an agricultural civilization”

Maybe it’s time to take edible insects out of its niche status in Europe and stock them on the supermarkets shelves. Maybe it’s time to consider having a cricket pattie on our burgers instead of a beef pattie. There’s no way you’re eating insects you say? Listen to what Patrick has to say about this!

In our interview with Patrick, you will get a short insight about his business and his thoughts about edible insects as the possible future of food.

Enjoy listening! – Lilly and Annika

Find out more about BUGZZ: https://bugzz.nl

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