The Maker Store and Uncover Lab: In Conversation with Siem, Lindsey, and Sanne

In this podcast we spoke with three Amsterdam creatives from the Maker Store and Uncover Lab teams. Both of these companies share the same space in De Hallen and have interwoven teams.

The Maker Store provides a platform for local makers to sell authentic and high-quality accessories, artwork, food, and sustainable fashion. Uncover Lab allows customers to personalise custom products using a laser cutter machine. Customers can bring their own product or choose something sold in the Maker Store. Similar to a tattoo shop customers can bring in their own design, or work with one of the in store designers.

Siem, Lindsey, and Sanne explain their roles and explore the ideas behind both the Maker Store and Uncover Lab.


Jemima Colahan and Kiki Veenhof

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